ZEES WASHABLE MALE WRAP med waist 35-53cm

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Product Description
ZEEZ Washable Male Wraps help with male marking, excitable urination and protection against accidents. They are super absorbent for long lasting protection and have a soft stretchy fabric to provide comfort and a secure fit for your dog.

Position the Microfibre side of the pad to cover you dogs delicate area and bring the Velcro tabs together on your pets back, ensuring it is a snug fit to prevent any leakage or movement.

It is recommended to measure your dog?s waist in front of their back legs. Breeds suggested are only a guide.
Always measure your dog prior to purchase

Small Young Puppies, Toy Breeds and similar up to 5kg 28-37cm
Medium Maltese, Pug, Beagle and similar 4-16kg 35-53cm
Large Border Collie, Labrador, Doberman and similar 16-40kg 45-64cm