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Small Carnivore Food is a nutritionally-balanced live food substitute for carnivorous marsupials, rodents and other small mammals which include insects as a part of their diet.

Key Features
High protein food to supplement the insect component in the diet of small carnivorous mammals.
Fortified with essential amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins & minerals.
Contains taurine, an essential nutrient for carnivores.

Preparing Small Carnivore Food
Mix 3 parts powder (15g) to 2 parts water (10ml).

Slowly add the water, while mixing to form a moist crumbly food. Do not make into a paste. Store prepared food refrigerated for 1 day or frozen for 1 week.

Dunnarts, Antechinus, Kowari & Quolls
Small Carnivore Food can represent upto 80% of the total diet. Supplement with crickets, moths, grasshoppers, spiders and day old mice or chicks.

Gliders, Pigmy Possums & Bandicoots
Small Carnivore Food can represent upto 20% of the total diet. Also feed Wombaroo High Protein Supplement dispersed over fruit.

Hopping mice, Rats & Mice
Small Carnivore Food can represent 10-20% of the total diet.

Small Carnivore Food can represent 10-20% of the total diet. Powder can be used to top dress wet food - mix in well.

Echidna & Numbat
Mix prepared Small Carnivore Food with about 10% crushed termite mound and termites.

Insectivorous Bats
Insectivorous bats have been successfully kept using this food as a maintenance diet, while supplementing them with moths, beetles and a few fly pupae or mealworms.