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A nutritionally balanced milk substitute for kittens of all breeds. Use for orphaned kittens or when the mother?s milk is limited.
About Cat Milk
Different species of mammals produce milks of different composition in order to nourish their young.
Cat?s milk contains relatively high levels of protein with only moderate amounts of carbohydrate (lactose). The protein in cat?s milk contains up to 50% whey protein which is readily digestible, compared to cow?s milk which is 80% curd-forming casein. Cat?s milk also contains high levels of taurine which is an essential nutrient for the growth and development of healthy kittens. A deficiency of taurine can lead to a range of serious problems including reduced growth rates, blindness and heart failure.

Benefits of Wombaroo
Like Mother?s Milk ? formulated to match the composition of queens?s milk, with added vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids (omega 3 & 6).
High in Protein ? including whey protein for improved growth rate of kittens.
Elevated Taurine Content ? essential for vision, heart and brain development.

Using Cat Milk Replacer
? Success in rearing kittens greatly improves if they receive colostrum at birth. Kittens that don?t get colostrum from the mother can be fed Impact Colostrum Supplement.
? Commence feeding milk formula after the initial feeds of colostrum. Make up Wombaroo at a concentration of 215g per litre, in accordance with the directions on the pack.
? Milk can be stored in the fridge for a day or frozen for up to 2 weeks. Small quantities can be frozen in ice-cube trays, so that the required daily feed volumes can be easily thawed out.
? When feeding, warm milk to about 35?C and feed from a bottle and teat (A Wombaroo C type teat is recommended).
? Refer to the guidelines on the pack for feed rates. Do not overfeed as this can lead to diarrhoea.
? Weigh kittens regularly to verify consistent weight gains. Body weight should increase by about 10-15g per day.