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Colout: Orange/Blue #1

Number of squeaks: 3

Size: 5cm (h) x 7.6cm (w) x 56cm (l)

Tired of squeaky dog toys not squeaking anymore? You don't have to worry about your dog's fun coming to a sudden stop with the Invincible Squeakers Snake toy! This toy comes in two versions, 3-squeaker and 6-squeaker, which determines how many squeakers are in the snake plush toy. And these aren't just your typical squeakers – they're Invincible Squeakers, and they'll continue squeaking even if they get punctured. Long, durable, and soft, the Invincible Squeakers Snake is a dream playmate for your precious pup. The Invincible Squeaker Snake dog toy comes in two colours as well: orange/blue and blue/green.

*Stuffing-less squeaky dog toy = no mess
*3- and 6-squeaker versions of Invincible Squeakers Snake
*Colours available: Orange/Blue and Blue/Green
*Long snake plush body, perfect for a friendly game of tug-o'-war
*Made with durable, double-layered seams and DURA TUFF material to endure rough play and long-lasting fun
*Solid colour on underside of plush toy
*Invincible Squeakers continue squeaking even if punctured
*Comes in other exclusive Invincible Squeakers animals: Frog and Gecko