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The new innovative ?Heated Hide Rock? is the ideal accessory for any vivarium! It is the perfect under body heat source when your reptile is sitting on top of the rock and it also provides atmospheric warmth when hiding inside the rock. During those cold winter nights, your reptiles will simply LOVE hiding inside this warm ?bedroom?! The elevated height of the rock also acts as the perfect basking spot during the day for your reptiles. The natural sand coating on the rock makes it look so real that your reptiles will be none the wiser and think it?s just a natural piece of warm rock!

Natural real sand coating
? Provides look of realistic natural rock formation
? Secure hiding place that is heated for warmth
? Provides elevated basking spot in vivarium
? Multi-purpose use
? Energy saving
? Offers shaded hide cave
? Safety of Low Voltage

Notes, hints and tips:
1. Do not place this heated hide rock directly on top of another heat source such as a heat mat. This might cause the hide area
(or the heat mat) to overheat.
2. When used in conjunction with an overhead heat source such as a daylight heat lamp or Reptile One?s Fan Heat Lights, switch
off the heated hide rock to prevent overheating. It is not recommended to have both the overhead as well as the under body
heat source switched on at the same time.
3. It is recommended that this Heat Rock be plugged into a timer which is set to switch on when the overhead heat source is
switched off and vice versa.
4. Ideal for use with python hatchlings without needing any further light emitting heat sources.
5. Not suitable for use with thermostats.
6. If used as the only heat source or placed away from any other heat source, this heat rock can be left on permanently.
7. Ensure there is sufficient air flow and space around the heat rock to allow heat to dissipate.
8. Use this heat rock only in completely dry environments.
9. When first using this heat rock, for the first 48 hours, if possible, closely monitor the temperatures emitted by using an infrared
10. Reptile One recommends that all enclosures have two thermometers, one to monitor the ?hot? zone and another for the ?cool?
zone. Regular checks of temperatures will allow you to make minor adjustments within your enclosure for optimum setup.

Warnings & Disclaimers:
? Do NOT use this heat rock in wet or very humid environments.
? The heat rock MUST not be placed on top of a heat mat or heat cable.
? Do not submerge the heat rock in water.
? As with all electrical devices, remember safety comes first. Always unplug the heat rock from mains electricity before manipulating it.
? If you need to clean the rock, use a paint brush if possible to brush dirt away or if absolutely necessary, use a slightly damp cloth on the surface only. Excessive rubbing can cause the surface sand granules to be rubbed off.
? Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean the heat rock.
? Where possible, always try to hide the power cable under the substrate and run it to a corner of your enclosure to avoid your reptile getting tangled on exposed & hanging cable.