Dog Coat RainBuddy 30cm W Res Blue

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Don?t forget that dogs feel the cold too! Prepare for the rainy winter months with Pet One?s range of fashionable and functional RainBuddy Dog Coats. Pet One RainBuddy Dog Coats provide additional protection from the elements to help keep your dog warm. The RainBuddy is made from heavy duty polyester fabric that is wind and water proof. Even indoor dogs can benefit from a little extra warmth when the temperature drops outside. Your dog will look and feel great in the Pet One RainBuddy

? Made from heavy duty polyester fabric
? Waterproof and Windproof
? Reflective piping for night visibility
? Comes with a ?Hoodie? to keep your dog
warm on cooler days and also provide extra
protection to your dog?s neck, head, and ears
? Adjustable and flexible girth strap

Notes, hints & tips
? Make sure that the coat fits your dog properly. The dog coat shouldn?t be too tight or your dog might resist letting you
put it on them. It shouldn?t fit too loosely either, or else your dog can easily slip it off its shoulders and step out of it.

Warning and Disclaimers
? Product intended for pets only
? Always supervise your pet when wearing any coats and discard coat if it becomes damaged or worn. Ensure they do not chew the coat or become entangled.