Bed Stay Dry Basket 95x75x34cm Black & Blue

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Keep your pet comfortable and warm with Pet One Stay Dry Bedding Range.

The beds are covered in heavy duty, hard wearing 100% polyester waterproof material that makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They also make a great low maintenance alternative for pets prone to accidental urination due to age and incontinence.

Pet One Stay Dry Beds are easy to keep clean and dry, even when your dog is wet, the bedding material acts to repel water, keeping your pet warm and reducing odour.

Features & Benefits:

Reversible zipper cushion lined with waterproof material and
Sherpa wool (non waterproof)
Cushion is held into place with a snap lock fastener to prevent easy removal from pet
Great low maintenance option for puppies and incontinent dogs that are prone to accidental urination
Non-slip base
Pet beds help to reduce the spread of dirt, pet hair and dander
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use