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Welcome to Toucan Pet Centre's brand new website. For over 40 years we at Toucan have been embarking on the incredible journey to help and serve our loyal customers and their loved pets. Times are rapidly changing and retail is growing so we aim to grow with it. We thrive to continue supplying you with good quality products and now are delivering them right to your door.

We stock a range of products for all your furry, feathered and scaly friends. From toys to treats we have what you need so explore the site or visit us in store.

This blog will cover different aspects of pet care including some individual animals specific requirements from vet line treatments to tips for training your pets. We strive to help provide as much information as we can so both you and your pets can get the best out of life.  

If there is anything you would like us to discuss within this blog  please let us know in the comment section below.

Toucan Pet Centre

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